Add solar panels to your home

Photo of house with solar panels on roof

​A great way to reduce the pollution created from your electricity, signal to your neighbors the importance of clean energy, and even save money in the long-run! Adding solar panels to your home contributes to the amount of renewable energy available in the UK, while saving you money on your electricity bill - rooftop solar panels typically pay for themselves after less than 6 years.

When installed in your home, solar panels power your electricals, and any power left over can be either stored (if you have additional storage capacity) or exported to the grid.

In the long run, this should lower your electricity bill. The saving depends on how much electricity you normally use, and when you normally run your appliances.

To maximise your savings with solar panels, use your electrical appliances  - such as running the washing machine or dishwasher, recharging batteries or doing the ironing etc.  - when the sun is shining rather than later in the day.

Climate Impact

The energy payback time (the time it takes for solar panels to eliminate the same amount of emissions it took to make them) is about three years, and most solar panels should last you twenty years, so that's 17 years of emissions-free energy!

Togetherwe canmake a difference