Write to your MP

Someone writing next to a laptop

Elections and votes are not the only time we can influence government. One small thing you can do, from the comfort of your own living room, is use your voice by writing (or emailing, DM-ing) your MP.

MPs can propose and consider new laws and raise issues that matter to us in parliament, which is key to driving positive change. You can contribute - whether that’s supporting MPs who are already supporting an environmental agenda or questioning those who could do more - public demand can make a real tangible difference and help to raise environmental issues up the political agenda.

MPs act on our behalf, so getting them on board with the things we care about is important.

Our Councils also play a role in engaging with central government departments to promote working together on the climate agenda - directly, through our national networks and by responding to consultations.

Who does what?

Central government sets overall national policy, and controls the budget for many areas including tackling the climate emergency.Your District and County Councils have key roles to play within their statutory powers for example, development planning, managing household waste, transport planning and how they buy services that drive better environmental outcomes - however, funding for most large projects comes from central government.

Togetherwe canmake a difference